ZH&P is known for its decades-long tradition of training junior lawyers over two generations now, who are then spread out into the Egyptian and Middle Eastern legal markets. Today, many of them are leading figures in their corporate life or their respective law firms. While trainees are in the main Egyptians, non-Egyptian Arabic-speaking and other foreign trainees from different parts of the world have attended ZH&P’s structured training programmes. This tradition has led the Firm to institutionalize its approach by founding the ZH&P Academy, which will take over the current longstanding training system.

The Academy is open for the Firm’s prospective members, as well as for any junior lawyers aspiring for specialized training, who the Academy will judge fit to join its ranks.

The Academy training programme is devised to train its attendees in the main areas of the Firm’s practices. Training shall be provided by specialized members of the Firm, as well as by renowned external scholars and academics in their respective areas of specializations, so they can provide insight into real problems and situations. ZH&P is committed to sharing its knowledge and providing Academy attendees with the practical skills to help them achieve their goals.

The Academy shall offer innovative, meaningful courses, which are directly relevant to the lawyering business needs and gaining valuable skills, which can immediately be applied in corporate employers or private law firms. In particular, it is aimed at enhancing negotiation and drafting skills, as well as substantive legal expertise.

The Academy is an excellent platform for inter-personal relations between junior lawyers, who are expected to build fraternity communities, thus enhancing the values of lawyering and puts them in action in furtherance of the betterment of the whole legal profession.

The ZH&P Academy is considered part of the Corporate Social Responsibility activities of the Firm.