Mr. Amr Galal, Of Counsel, has joined ZH&P’s Litigation team in 1993 providing input to Litigations related to banking, pleadings, Air Transport Law and its related international agreements, Labor Law and its related civil claims, Executive Seizures and Commercial Law and their related claims.

With over 37 years of experience, selected examples of the matters that Mr. Galal has contributed to at ZH&P include:

Bank Claims:

  1. Successfully representing one of the leading banks in Egypt in the Court of Cassation to revoke the judgment by the Court of Appeal supporting the claim by one of the Bank’s clients for a compensation of EGP 5 million from the Bank for the damage the client sustained from losing a number of cheques – respectively carrying forged signatures – and to which the Bank had issued statements. The Court of Cassation adjudicated the Bank’s opinion that the relationship between the Bank and the clients is governed by the authority of will - which purports that the principal rule in determining the rights of the two parties of the contract is based on the provisions of the said contract – 2003 / 2015.

  2. The Appeal issued in favor of one of the leading banks in Egypt obliging a client of the Bank to pay to the Bank over EGP 171 million representing the indebtedness resulting from the credit facilities granted by the Bank to the Defendant for himself and in his capacity – 2003 / 2015.

  3. Flight Compensation Claims:Winning the Appeal concluding as principal rule that in case of compensation for losing luggage, the provisions of the Warsaw Convention shall be applicable in favor of third parties and for estimating the compensation value according to the weight of luggage - provided that the compensation for each kilogram shall be in amount of EGP 5,77. Rendering a different judgment would have been erring in applying the Law.

  4. Labor Claims:Representing Cargill Trading Egypt Ltd. in the Arbitration looking into employees’ claim for 10% of the Company’s net profit. The arbitration request was rejected for being filed by the method other than the one prescribed by the Law and for not following the proper legal method in referring the dispute to the arbitral tribunal – 2013 / 2016.

  5. Expropriation Claims:The Appeal filed by a Client against the Prime Minister of Egypt obliging him - in his capacity- to pay a compensation for the expropriation of a property owned by ZH&P’s Client in an amount exceeding two EGP 2 million and an amount exceeding EGP 1.7 million in consideration of non-utilization thereof – 2004 / 2008.

Mr. Galal is member of the Egyptian Bar Association since 1983 and was admitted before the Supreme Court of Egypt in 2002. He is proficient in Arabic.

He achieved the LL.B. from Cairo University's Faculty of Law in 1982.