ZH&P has a specialized Arbitration Department of top quality lawyers, who with their collective experience make all the difference in the arbitral process. The Department has vast technical and logistical support from the broad diversified expertise of the Firm to ensure distinct performance. ZH&P are connected with a wide web of top accounting experts, expert witnesses and other trade-related expertise, which ensures a tough arbitral platform. This is why the Firm has brought many major victories to its clients and has earned recognition in the entire Middle East and has led many of its clients to become repeat customers.

Many of its members, past and present, have assumed counselling or arbitrating many landmark arbitrations, like the Westland Helicopters Case in the 1970s, the Taba Arbitration in the 1980’s, the Ahmad Hamdy Tunnel bellow the Suez Canal in the 1980’s, the Abyie Arbitration in 2009, as well as major ICSID cases and many other local and international commercial arbitrations, involving both public or private entities, relating, inter alia, to construction, commercial agencies, acquisitions of shares, sale and purchase transactions, hotel management and hospitality, shipbuilding, and insurance. Currently, the Firm is counsel in one of the largest arbitrations around the world in the field of telecommunications, with a stake of just under two billion US Dollars.

Putting the clients’ interest before the Firm’s, ZH&P have successfully settled many disputes amicably in their favour.

The Firm has handled large, complex and high-profile cases before the CRCICA, ICC, ICSID, LCIA, SIAC, as well as Ad Hoc arbitrations and arbitrations under the UNCITRAL Rules.

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