Mr. Hosny Danial, Senior Associate, has joined ZH&P in 2005 actively taking part in the areas of litigation, international arbitration, intellectual property and patents, commercial, civil, criminal and labour cases and legal consultancies.

With over 30 years of experience, selected examples of the matters he has contributed to include:

  1. Advising Mota Group (Portugal) in its legal claim against its agent in Egypt resulting from transactions and a trade agency agreement. (In progress).

  2. Representing Nissan Motors Egypt in the case filed by a motor vehicle agency company claiming EGP 20 million related to agency rights. (In progress).

  3. Representing Novartis Pharma in several cases filed by employees requesting compensation fees.

  4. Successfully representing Founoon Holding Ltd in the arbitration case filed by Golden Pyramids Plaza who claimed EGP 66 million for the damage caused by the termination of the Lease Agreement between the two parties. The sub-case filed on behalf of Founoon and claiming EGP 88 million for the damage caused by the Claimant’s failure to fulfill its contractual obligations led to settlement of the case by way of reconciliation - 2009

  5. The Case of the Consumer Protection Agency - filed by a consumer alleging defects in the vehicle he had bought - against one of the leading automotive companies in Egypt (ZH&P’s Client). The Court of First Instance rendered a judgment with a fine of EGP 50,000 against ZH&P’s Client. ZH&P proved in the Appeal that the judgment contravened the Law and that the complaint was unsound. The Court of Appeal cancelled the Judgment and adjudicated a new of the acquittal - 2016

  6. Cases of commercial fraud against a top official at Sanita Company in which a judgment was rendered with one year imprisonment and a fine of ten thousand Egyptian pounds and expenses. ZH&P represented the defendant in the Appeal and the Case was canceled and a judgment of acquittal was rendered - 2015

Mr. Danial is member of the Egyptian Bar Association since 1989 and was admitted before the Court of Cassation in 2008. He is member of the Arab Lawyers Union and is proficient in Arabic and English.

He achieved the LL.B. from Ain-Shams University’s Faculty of Law in 1986 and further obtained a Diploma in Arbitration from the same Faculty in 2002.

E-mail: hosny.danial@hashemlaw.com