Mr. Sherif Amin, Of Counsel, is an active member of the Litigation team at ZH&P.  With over 36 years, he specializes in preparing lawsuit statements, legal memos, and appeals in all cases including the commercial cases related to banks, commercial papers, misdemeanours of cheques, labour cases, contracts and agreements, lease and mortgage contracts – among others.

Having joined ZH&P in 1983, selected examples of the cases he has lent his expertise to include:

  1. Successfully representing Unipak Nile Company in its defense in the case filed by Tiba Land Company before the Plenary Civil 6th October Court and claiming a compensation of 2,000,000 (two million Egyptian pound) as material and moral compensation for Unipak’s supplying of carton boxes claimed to be non-compliant with specifications and resulting in the damage of fruit exported to Britain.  The Court refused the Case and the judgment was upheld by the Court of Appeal – 2006 - 2010
  2. Successfully representing Vodafone Egypt Telecommunications S.A.E in the misdemeanor case filed before Bandar Talkha Misdemeanors against an individual for issuing three bouncing cheques. The Court rendered a judgment adjudicating the Defendant’s one year with labor imprisonment and the payment of bail and compensation. The Court of Appeal upheld the same judgment. In 2011, Vodafone agreed to reconcile and waive its civil claim against the Defendant – 2004 - 2011
  3. Successfully representing one of the leading banks in Egypt in the misdemeanor case against an individual for issuing bounced cheques. The Court rendered a judgment to imprison the Defendant for six months with labor, to pay a bail, to pay civil compensation, to pay the attorney’s fees, to acquit the bank from the counter-misdemeanor, to reject the civil claim and to oblige its initiator to pay the expenses.  The Defendant paid his indebtedness to the Bank and the Court rendered a judgment ruling reconciliation and established  the Civil Right Claimant’s waiver of the Case – 2009 -2009

Mr. Amin is member of the Egyptian Bar Association since 1990 and was admitted before the Court of Cassation in 2009. He is proficient in Arabic, English and Italian.

He achieved the LL.B. from Cairo University’s Faculty of Law in 1982.